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Fabric structure buildings

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We offer permanent and temporary solutions for industrial and construction companies, logistics and big retail:

Industrial fabric structure buildings

Temporary fabric buildings

Our commitments

Best value for the money

High-end demountable industrial fabric structures adapted to your company’s budget

After-sales service in 72hr

We undertake to respond to maintenance operations within 72 hours

Fast installation

Our industrial tents/fabric buildings assembled in record time: 80% of the cases the installation is carried out in less than a week

Projects on turnkey basis

Turnkey projects: from the design of your project to final installation.

Safety and compliance

Our installations are subject to the european standards in force and we provide the guarantees of Professional Civil Liability.

Professional solutions

Wide range of industrial fabric buildings for different uses: warehouses, workshops, temporary loading areas,etc.


Fabric structure buildings and industrial tents, designed, manufactured and installed by professionals with over 15 years of experience

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